Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our friend, BOB

This is our amazing BOB stroller, a gift from my Aunt Mary Anne. Now that the weather is turning towards Spring, we are getting outside more and going for a stroll in this sweet ride adds to the fun in the sun. Nora thinks so, too!

Mmmm, food.

After thinking about it, Nora likes carrots (all over her face).

Peach face! A little tart until they were added to the cereal.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lucky Number Seven

7 months old and all smiles!

On the morning of Nora's 7 month birthday, she rolled over from her back to her belly, hung out that way for a while, then rolled onto her back again without any assistance. It was such a fun way to start our day.

Nora is also eating solids and sitting up on her own. She can even reach for a toy, grab it, put it in her mouth, drop it, and get another toy while sitting up. What a multi-tasker! :) She still jibber-jabbers up a storm and becomes more and more interactive each day. She also kind of dances, which is adorable. And standing! My goodness, she wants to be on her feet all the time. We recently bought an activity center so she could spend some time standing without me holding her. She absolutely loves it! Generally she is giggling up a storm while bouncing up and down and grabbing a the toys, but everyone once in a while she gets very serious about playing...

Nora is seven months of sweetness and giggles and cheeks that we just can't get enough of.

Nom Nom Nom

Trying cereal for the first time...not bad.

Green beans are delicious!

Mmmm...peas! to avocado.