Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Snow

Snow! Or as Nora says, "Noooooo!" The day after Christmas, while we were still in New York, we got a few inches of snow. After bundling Nora up the best we could (leg-warmers as snow pants!) and went outside to play in the winter wonderland. 

It was Nora's first time actually playing in the snow. At first, she was a little tentative but soon yelled "Nooooo!" with a big grin on her face. After a little coaxing, Nora enjoyed touching the snow and climbing on the pile left by the snow plow. Aunt Mary Anne added some fun to the experience, as she did when I was a kid playing in the snow, too! 

December 26, 2012
Stillwater, NY

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas - with the Wells'

2nd Christmas - at Mom's house with Aunt Marge and Fred. Opening presents for the second time in one day was just as fun for Nora. I think it is pretty clear by the smile on her face that she enjoyed it all. She especially loved her new helicopter and spent a lot of time playing with it while the rest of us opened our gifts. 

 Like I have said already, we are so lucky to be able to get to New York to celebrate the holidays with our family. And Nora is so lucky to have so many people who want to be with her for these special events!

Nora with Gramma and Aunt Marge

Christmas - with the Bendons

Christmas! We love Christmas. Last year we stayed in Illinois because Nora was just a few months old. It was very cozy and relaxing and sweet. Since Nora is older and has flown a few times already, we decided we would spend the holiday in Upstate New York. 

On Christmas Eve we had dinner with my Dad, Aunt Mary Anne, Great Gam Gam, and Grandpa. Then we enjoyed our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation. It just isn't Christmas without watching Clark Griswold!

Christmas Morning
Waiting to open presents

Nora had fun opening up her gifts and playing with each one for a little bit before opening the next. Of course she loved the "dog dog" that Gam Gam and Grandpa gave her. She also got some Little People, Weeble Wobbles, and a fun "learn to dress" kitty.


We are so lucky that we were able to travel for the holidays so Nora can build memories with our family. And so that our family can see how much Nora is growing and changing.

Merry Merry!

Fun with Gam Gam!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Visit with Grandma & Pop Pop

Grandma Linda & Pop Pop Saul came to visit for a couple of days before heading South for Christmas and the winter. There was a LOT of playing during the visit. Play, play, play was the theme! And it was a lot of fun for everyone. Nora even had her first trip to a local indoor playground. 

Since we were heading to Upstate NY to see my family for Christmas, we had our own celebration a little early in Illinois. This is the face that Linda and Saul got to see as Nora spied her gifts:

The bubble gum pink piano from Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Bill, Jake, and Mckenna was an immediate hit. Nora also enjoyed sitting in her very own chair playing with her Leap Frog Move and Groove toy. Another big hit of the day was the peanuts that were used to pack some of the gifts. :)

We can't wait to head to NY for the rest of our Christmas celebration!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Fun

There is a small children's museum in town called The Orpheum. We visited the museum for the first time to see how they turned their auditorium into a snow globe. There were trees decorated with lights,  there were light-up reindeer and sleds, and activities for kids to participate in. We threw "snow balls" (white cotton balls) into an igloo, went "ice fishing" and got a prize from a mermaid, and decorated trees and snowmen. Nora loved playing with the ornaments used to doctorate the trees and tried to eat the fake carrots used as the snowman's nose. We loved watching the excitement in Nora's eyes as she took it all in.

Building a snowman

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I love to hear Nora talking. Her little voice just makes my heart so dang happy!

It is so amazing to hear her learn and use new words. It is also fun to hear the tone that she uses when saying different words. In the morning, it is especially sweet to hear her babble away in her bed when she wakes up.

I've been trying to keep a log of all the words that she is using. Here is what we've got:

Mom Mom
Ma (usually shouted)
Dog Dog
Oof Oof (what the dog-dog says)
Hat (said while she taps her head)
What's That
Uht oh
Nunt-uh (for no)
Knock Knock
Baaaaa (what the sheep says)
Thank you (well, sometimes)
Boom (while bumping fists or feet)
Cheeeese (into the camera)

As Nora's vocabulary grows, I'll add them to the list. Next up, saying 2 words together?? I can't wait!

Good Morning!
Snuggles with Daddy, Dolly, and Bunny.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decorating the Tree

I'm not sure words can capture the joy of putting up our tree the way that this picture does: