Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Work Trip

I'm on the final leg home after my last pre-baby work trip. Although I do love to travel and enjoy that part of my job, I am ready to be home. I'm ready to start really preparing for Baby Girl BH to join us. And to spend a summer with Jeff. We're actually going to kick off the summer this weekend with a little "baby-moon" to Chicago. We are *so* looking forward to time away and together. Lucky us!

While traveling, I hit the 27 week mark! Here's what it looks like:

Pardon the self portrait in the hotel bathroom. It's the best option I had to capture the week.

Baby Girl BH's movements are getting a bit bigger these days. I can see my belly move with her sometimes. It's fantastic! I'm still drawn to savory and richer foods and, thankfully, the heartburn has settled down a bit. Sadly I must report that I'm pretty sure the weight I'm gaining is going right to the thunder thighs (eek! say it isn't so!).

We head to the doc tomorrow for another ultrasound. Perhaps we'll have more in-utero pics to share. :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I've hit a weight gain. 20 pounds. Eek!! Here's what it looks like...

I'm also hitting 26 weeks. Only 2 more weeks and I'll be entering my third trimester. It's hard to believe. We went to the doc today and she is very pleased with everything. Baby Girl BH's heart rate was at 135 and the doctor is not at all worried about my weight (phew!).

These days I am definitely living in an almost constant state of heartburn. I also had my first bout with swelling while I was facilitating a program for work in Tennessee. It was more standing than I am used to and I had one heckuva left cankle. I definitely have a greater appreciation for pregnant women who have jobs that require them to be on their feet. Other than that, I'm not suffering from much in the symptom department. Yay me!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

While they've been away...

Well you all know that Baby BH and Momma BH are out this week visiting the apparent future collegiate home of our child. As they say (whoever "they" are), while mom's away, dad better not play. So i set my sights on a few projects for the nursery. I have stained the crib...for those of you that don't know we decided to get an unfinished crib so that we could stain it to match the furniture i refinished last summer. Here's what it used to look like...

Here it is in pieces stained an waiting for the layers of finish.

So after that was started, it was time to paint the nursery! I know Kristen put the colors up on the blog last week, but they look really great in the room and with the furniture. I can't wait to have the crib done by next week and put it back together in place to see what it all looks like. Here are some pictures of the room, to show you that I have truly been busy this week! Will post more as we put the crib in.

Baby's First Picture at UT

For those who don't know...I love my alma mater, The University of Tennessee. Before heading up to the mountains of Tennessee, I spent a day on campus. While there, I got Baby Girl BH's picture with an iconic campus statue, The Torchbearer. Gotta get our future Vol acclimated to campus traditions! :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Tomorrow I'll be heading to Tennessee for work. I'll be spending time with folks from my alma mater, The University of Tennessee. Although I'm excited for the week, I've enjoyed spending this weekend with Jeff and hate to leave. One of the things that we did together was pick out paint for Baby Girl BH's room. So while I am away, Jeff is going to paint the nursery as well as stain and set up the crib. How much fun will it be for me to come home to that? Although we'll post photos of the nursery as it comes together, here is a little teaser...the paint chip with the two colors we are using.

While I'm gone, you'll have to count on Jeff for blog updates. See you when I return!

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day underscores how appreciative I am for our doctors and nurses, for the woman who donated her eggs to us, and for crazy scientific procedures. They have given me the experience of pregnancy and given Jeff and I the opportunity to be parents. I'm also thankful for all of the love, support, prayers, positive vibes, crossed fingers, and general good thoughts from our friends and family. We are so grateful.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there...and certainly to the woman who has given me my chance at being a mother.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 Months!

It's true! I'm starting my sixth month of pregnancy. Have I mentioned how fast this is going?? We've gotta slow down! For now, here are some 6 month tidbits:

Pounds gained: 15
Cravings: Savory foods, Chocolate Cheerios, and still loving tater tots
Clothes: full on maternity pants (no more belly band with regular pants), shirts a size up, some maternity shirts
Movement: For the first time, I actually saw my belly move from the little girl. It was amazing. I really like feeling her move around.

And a pic of the bump. Warning, skin is involved! Scandalous!