Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No, Nor, Nora

Nora has learned to say her own name. At first, I totally missed that she was saying "Nora" because it can sound like she is saying "no." I was really confused, too, because she was saying (what I thought was) "no" at times that didn't make sense. Finally (and probably to the relief of Nora) I got it! And I was so excited that Nora was saying her own name that I'm pretty sure I squealed like a little kid on Christmas morning.

It still sounds a bit like she is saying "no" or "Nowr" but she knows who she is and what belongs to her so the context works! :)

Feb 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013


in a bin with applesauce
Playing with Nora is really a lot of fun. We read books, dance to music, have tea parties with her stuffed animals, draw...and we go "In!" If it is possible for Nora to get in it, she will. If a bin or basket has toys or hats or anything in it, she'll empty it out so she can sit in it. Sometimes she'll enjoy a snack while sitting in a bin or under the chair. Sometimes she'll bring a stuffed animal or some toys in with her. Sometimes the toys get a bin all to themselves.
"Mommy In!!"and "Daddy In!!" is often heard around the house and Nora doesn't quite understand that we are too big to fit in the places she can fit into. But it sure is fun to watch her find find new places to turn into seats and play things.

in a basket

cheerios under the chair

She loves doggie so much!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day from Nora and her very first balloon, courtesy of her Daddy and 1st Valentine!

18 months and 2 weeks

18 months!
That is half way to 2 years old.
I don't know what to say about that so for now I'll say nothing. :)

For us, 18 months has brought with is toddler behavior. Although Nora really is a very cheerful and fun child, she has definitely begun expressing frustration when she has to do something she doesn't want to do, like getting her diaper changed or putting on her coat. Although I don't like seeing Nora get so upset and although it takes a lot of patience and effort to get out of the house and settled in the car at times, we just keep changing diapers and putting on coats and getting buckled into car seats and dealing with tears.

It's not all a fight for toddler independence though!

Nora's sense of humor is blossoming and it is so fun to watch and hear her laugh at something that she finds funny. These days, Jeff and I will do anything, no matter how goofy, to get that giggle going.

Sweet smiles
Along with the giggling, we love hearing all the new words that she is learning. I'm doing my best to keep a list of each new one, but sometimes I can't keep up! This past week she has really enjoyed saying "handle" and "I know." We learned handle at the indoor playground and Nora learned "I know" from me. I have a little mimic and I'm reminded on a regularly basis that I need to watch what comes out of my mouth.

She is also starting being able to climb on chairs and stools more independently. This is both exciting and terrifying. For Christmas, we got Nora her very own arm chair. Not only does she like to climb all over it, she also turns it into a bit of a fort. When it's time to play this way, Nora tips her chair over and yells, "IN!" Below Daddy is "in" with Nora and they are spelling out her name, which is embroidered on her her chair.
Nora still loves getting outside whenever we can, but those days are few given the winter season. To get out and about we have been venturing to the indoor playground, Barnes and Nobles (they've added a toy section and Lego table), and we still have lunch with my co-workers on Tuesdays. Sometimes we head to the library for story time, too.

So the consensus on 18 months is that it is exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

18 Month Teaser

Halfway to two years old
Some quick stats and then a more complete post will come later (when it isn't 10:45 at night!):

Weight: 25.7 pounds
Height: 30.75 inches
Clothing: 18 month and 18-24 month
General status: healthy, happy, active, adorable, sweet, (did we say active?), and starting to embrace her status at "toddler" (more on that in the next post)