Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Work Trip

I'm on the final leg home after my last pre-baby work trip. Although I do love to travel and enjoy that part of my job, I am ready to be home. I'm ready to start really preparing for Baby Girl BH to join us. And to spend a summer with Jeff. We're actually going to kick off the summer this weekend with a little "baby-moon" to Chicago. We are *so* looking forward to time away and together. Lucky us!

While traveling, I hit the 27 week mark! Here's what it looks like:

Pardon the self portrait in the hotel bathroom. It's the best option I had to capture the week.

Baby Girl BH's movements are getting a bit bigger these days. I can see my belly move with her sometimes. It's fantastic! I'm still drawn to savory and richer foods and, thankfully, the heartburn has settled down a bit. Sadly I must report that I'm pretty sure the weight I'm gaining is going right to the thunder thighs (eek! say it isn't so!).

We head to the doc tomorrow for another ultrasound. Perhaps we'll have more in-utero pics to share. :)

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