Thursday, December 8, 2011


Nora is four months old! And totally adorable.

Here are some fun four-month facts:
  • Weight: 13lbs 7 oz
  • Length: 23 inches
  • Has been sleeping through the night since Thanksgiving (hoorah!)
  • Is grasping things like toys, blankets, her bib, the burp cloth, my jewelry, my hair, Jeff's chest hair...
  • Wears size 3 month clothes now
  • Gives us a for-real laugh every now and again, especially when we kiss on her belly
  • Can sit up when propped
  • Doesn't completely melt down during tummy time (mostly doesn't)
  • Has pretty good head control and loves looking around
  • We think she is trying to roll over a bit
  • Still likes to jibber-jabber up a storm
  • Is the best baby in the world (this is not a biased opinion, but fact based on the history of babies in the world)

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