Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 Months and Sweet as Ever

Our sweet, snuggly, smiley girl is five months old. She seems to change so suddenly these days. This week she started grabbing her feet. She loves to "stand" and tries sitting up on her own on a regular basis. She wants to do more than she can right now. Her bumbo seat helps her to sit up, which gives me a bit of a break from helping her all the time. :)

She squeals and smiles her sweet gummy smile and giggles a lot. We have to limit the tv being on when she is in the living room because she just stares and stares and stares at it. (I really don't want to raise a tv addict.)

Tummy time gets better and Jeff has been helping her to roll over. Hopefully she'll be doing that on her own soon. When on her tummy, she is scootching her legs more but hasn't really taken to getting her arms into it too much.

Nora is wearing size 3 months clothes but will probably be in the 3-6 month zone soon. Especially since we got some cute outfits for the holidays that are 3-6 month and we have to wear them soon, right?

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