Tuesday, July 3, 2012

11 Months Old

OMG! I'm almost a year old!
Nora is...

On the move! Our sweet girl is on the go, seemingly all the time. Crawling is a cake walk these days. Pulling up? Easy-peasy. Walking while holding onto Mama or Dada's fingers is preferred. She is also pretty good at cruising around (walking while grabbing onto items like furniture). Perhaps those first steps are on the horizon.

Teething. We started out the teething process without too much discomfort or unhappiness for Nora. Well, her fifth tooth has brought along with it crankiness, drool, snot, and fever. We are really feeling for our little sweetie.

Munching. Nora now prefers to feed herself so finger foods are all the rage. We still spoon-feed her some foods, like her baby cereal, yogurt, and some pureed veggies. The veggies have to be snuck in between bites at times. We are also starting to transition from "baby food" to "food." A couple of the meals that we have shared with Nora lately include zucchini tacos (minus the shell) and ginger/zucchini/tofu pasta. She loves eating these tasty and flavorful foods that her Daddy is so good at making. And although it's a bit too early for Nora to be chomping down on Mommy's specialties (baked goods), she has been introduced to banana muffins. One word to describe the muffin experience: devour! She devours them. It's pretty fun to watch. :)

Vocal. When Nora wakes up in the morning, she is content to babble away in her crib for a bit. We love laying in bed listening to her chat, chat, chat while we get an extra few dozes in. Nora also talks it up when we are in the car, playing with toys, going for a walk, having a meal, at the pool... Maybe our little girl is going to turn into a chatty-Cathy. Between Mommy, Daddy, and Nora our house will be filled with chatter!

Adorable. Seriously, have you seen her?

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