Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bye Bye Bottles

The week before Nora turned 13 months old, we decided to stop the bottle. Our pediatrician told us that once she turned one, she wouldn't need formula any longer. I procrastinated a little bit because I was feeling a little sad about this milestone. 

How funny that I was feeling so reticent given how our bottle adventure began. First of all, I didn't even expect to be using bottles and formula. And when we did have to depend on the bottle, I certainly thought it would be easier than it was. Getting Nora to take 3 ounces in less than an hour felt like a miracle. I was nervous and afraid when she wouldn't take her bottle. There were times when I would be in tears because she wouldn't eat, something that was incredibly important given Nora's weight when she was born. 

Then things changed. 

And Nora took a bottle from me. And we had sweet snuggles during her feedings throughout the day and night. She grew and the pediatrician was pleased. Jeff and I were ecstatic. 

Fast forward to the recent past...first night without the bottle. Nora was angry. She was crying and pointing (with frustration) to where her bottle normally sat. She wouldn't take solace in her sippy cup of water. She did not want to read a book. She wanted her bottle. She continued to cry after being put to bed, resulting in some rocking chair snuggles to calm down. 

Second night without the bottle...Nora still cried but did take her sippy cup and we read a book. Again, she continued to cry after being put to bed and again we had some rocking chair snuggles. 

On the third night, Nora was sulky but was willing to have her bedtime stories. I still had to go back to her for some soothing after she was put in her crib. 

4th night? It was as though there was never an issue. Bath, pajamas, story time, bed. And the thing I was worried about missing the most - our night time snuggles - we still have when we read our books. Books and snuggles! I'll take it. 

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