Monday, February 25, 2013


in a bin with applesauce
Playing with Nora is really a lot of fun. We read books, dance to music, have tea parties with her stuffed animals, draw...and we go "In!" If it is possible for Nora to get in it, she will. If a bin or basket has toys or hats or anything in it, she'll empty it out so she can sit in it. Sometimes she'll enjoy a snack while sitting in a bin or under the chair. Sometimes she'll bring a stuffed animal or some toys in with her. Sometimes the toys get a bin all to themselves.
"Mommy In!!"and "Daddy In!!" is often heard around the house and Nora doesn't quite understand that we are too big to fit in the places she can fit into. But it sure is fun to watch her find find new places to turn into seats and play things.

in a basket

cheerios under the chair

She loves doggie so much!

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