Monday, May 27, 2013


Nora loves flowers. Whenever we see one, she shouts "Fwower!" or "Nora fwower!" (which means she wants to pick the flower). When we walk around the neighborhood, she often likes for us to pick the dandelions which she calls "yellow fwowers."

So we got an idea. Jeff was getting ready to plant some flowers at the house so we decided to help Nora plant a little "toddler" garden with things she can pick and smell without "hurting" anything (like the tomatoes Daddy is trying to grow). Of course we picked some yellow flowers to plant along with pink ones and some lavender for Nora to smell.

Daddy taught Nora how to pour in the soil, pat it down, and create a hole for the plant to go into. Daddy did the actual planting while Nora played with her trowel. It was a fun for Nora and continues to be so as we make sure to take care of our plants by watering them. Then there is the fun of picking them and putting them in water in a little cup and having them to look at when we sit at the kitchen table.

the supplies are ready
using the trowel on the soil
smoothing out the soil before putting in the plants 
making a hole for the plants 
planting the flowers

Watering Daddy's plants

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