Friday, March 18, 2011

Baby belly and my first maternity clothes

Here's a baby bump picture with some attitude. Check it! What do you think about that? :) I'm not really getting a bump like you see all the movie stars sporting. I'm getting thick in the trucnk, don't you think? Although I'm not wishing to get too large too early, but I don't think I'll mind when things bubble out.

To accommodate my growing trunk, I've had to get my first couple of pieces of maternity clothes. My college BFF was so sweet and sent me a box of some of her maternity clothes. There is one pair of jeans in particular I'm getting some serious use out of. Most of the maternity tops are still too big for me, so getting some shirts that are a size larger has been helpful. It's an interesting experience, trying on maternity clothes. I especially like the faux belly to try on. It's interesting to get an idea of what I'll look like the further along I get.

Here's a pic in my first fancy maternity dress. Jeff and I went to our cousin's wedding so we had to look super cute! I'll also be wearing the dress next month at the LeaderShape Institute's 25th Anniversary Gala. It has room for growing so it'll still look nice the next time I wear it.

This may not be the last cute clothing pic I post. I do love clothes and may showcase them here. :)


  1. You looked so beautiful last weekend! I want a copy of this pic -- love it!!!

  2. you are super cute! You will have a bubble before you know it!