Friday, March 18, 2011

Taste Buds and the Super Sniffer

Over the past few months I've had some cravings. They haven't been the "I have to eat this" craving, rather a "this is the only thing that sounds good" craving. So far there has been...

Oranges-I was eating at least 4 a day for the first 2-3 months
Hummus and crackers-lunch and dinner
Cereal-Cheerios, of course
Potatoes-any and all! Tots, mashed, boiled, fried...
Smoothies-made at home and Smoothie King's Grape Expectations 2
Potatoes-can you ever get enough? Apparently I cannot.
Chocolate almond milk-refreshing and sweet
Pizza-what I really want is a forreal cheesey pizza. What I've had is vegan pizza. Good enough but not like the pizza my dad gets up in NY.
Ezekial bagels with tofutti cream cheese and facon-I ate these everyday for breakfast for a week and bought more today

So nothing really weird, but when something sounds good to me, that is all I want to eat.

As a girl who likes her food, it's strange to not like certain things. Who knew I could not be in the mood for some kind of food! :) My sense of smell was also off the charts. Jeff called me the super-sniffer.

Vegetables-as a vegetarian, this was a bit of a challenge. Ok, quite a challenge. Specifically I had issues with:
Broccoli-this has made me very sad because broccoli is my favorite vegetable
Salads- It took almost 3 months to eat one without wanting to hurl.

I'm better with most veggies now, but the only form I can eat broccoli is a la the chinese take-out place.

Air freshener was also an issue as it made my nose feel like it was on fire. On. fire.

So that's the scoop on cravings and sensitivities. All manageable but an occasional challenge for Jeff who is the chef of the house.

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