Monday, September 5, 2011

1 month!

Saturday marked Nora's one month birthday. She is growing and getting sweeter by the day. I mean, look at her! Sweet, sweet, sweet.

At her one month check-up we learned that she has gained over 2 pounds, weighing in at 6lbs 13 oz. She also gained a bit more than an inch in her length. The doc was very happy with her progress.

With this growth, we can now put Nora in her buzzy chair, giving her an opportunity to sit up. The downside of this is that Stella the Pug barks whenever the vibration is turned on. We'll see how that progresses...

We can also get into cloth diapering (they were too big before). Today is our first effort. I'm sure there will be some adventures related to this. Wish us luck as we try to save money and the environment with this decision.


  1. Wow, she looks so alert with her eyes open so wide open! Yeah for cloth diapering! I did it for many years. Have you looked into diaper wraps /diaper covers? I didn't discover them until Jeff (my 3rd) and loved how they didn't have to be pulled up the legs like those plastic/rubber pants...and they breathed!

  2. I love that her eyes are so big now!!! She has such a cute expressive face! Thats funny that Stella barks at the vibration, how are they handling her otherwise?