Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4 weeks

Here we are, 4 weeks since Nora was born. Time is flying! Well, except on the nights she doesn't want to go to sleep. Then time stands still. :)

At this point, I think we are starting to get used to living life in 2.5 - 3 hour increments. I know her schedule is bound to change as we get used to this one, but I'm going to appreciate feeling relatively in-sync with her right now. She still sleeps quite a bit, but we have been getting some more alert times with her during the day. During these times we snuggle, read, have tummy-time, lay on the play mat, and sing songs. Jeff and I have realized that we really only know the first line or two of most nursery rhymes/songs. As a result, we make up a lot of words to the tune of lullabies. It works now, but eventually Nora will understand what we are saying so we'd better bone up on the lyrics.

She is gaining weight, which is wonderful! We're slowly but surely moving out of preemie clothes and into the newborn ones. Her cheeks are getting chubby and she is fitting better in her torture chamber, I mean her car seat. She still prefers taking the bottle from Jeff, but I'm hoping that by October (when Jeff starts traveling) that this will not be the case. Everyone send us good "take the bottle from mommy in less than an hour" vibes, ok?

Those are some updates. What kinds of things do you all want to know about little Nora as she grows? We're taking suggestions for topics.

Love y'all!

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  1. I love how her cheeks are filling out; she's sooo cute!. Of course I want more pictures of all of her: fingers, toes, ears, all the cute parts.Just take her ( and her blankie)out on a warm cloudy day and go to town with a camera! I can't get enough of her!