Friday, June 15, 2012


I mentioned in an earlier post how Nora is very adventurous, going after all of the things in the house that can cause harm. Yes. Well. In addition to a bump and bruise on her forehead from the corner of the dresser (after which I cried), Nora got a bit of a shiner (you can see it slightly in the photo below) from taking a tumble in her pack-n-play. She had her fruit keys in there with her and they got her right in the eye when she fell. I felt terrible. 

In an effort to keep Nora safe (and to keep me from needing to go on an anti-anxiety pill - ha!), we have instituted some "not for baby" (said sternly) zones. It is making a difference and I hope we can have fun playing with fewer knocks to the noggin'!

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