Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacationing in Wisconsin, Part 2: Geneva Lake

On our last day of vacation, we decided to take Nora to the beach. Her first visit to the beach! We were pretty darn excited, I must say. It would be the first time she felt sand between her toes and be in a natural body of water. Pretty neat stuff! 

It turned out to be a pretty windy experience. See that umbrella below? That didn't last. 

Nora's first trip to the beach
Geneva Lake, WI

Also, Nora cried when she touched the sand. 

HOWEVER...once we got down to the water, all was well. She loved standing at the edge of the water with her feet in the wet sand. We also went out into the lake, letting the water (which was quite choppy from the wind) lap at her feet and legs. She liked that a lot! Nora is definitely a little water baby.

Although our trip to the beach was short (we left within an hour due to the wind and no protection against the bright sun), it will always be a memorable first with Nora.

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