Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Celebrations, Part 3

The day after Nora officially turned 1, we had a party at our house. In addition to the wonderful neighbors and friends who joined us to celebrate the cutest and sweetest girl ever, the grandparents from Maryland traveled to Illinois for the festivities! 

Grandma Linda and Pop Pop Saul

Grandpa Sheldon

Some months back, Nora received an adorable little dress from her Gramma Wells, which served as inspiration for the party. Yellow, white, black, polka dots, and gingham with some bumble bees and daisies were all present in the decorations and outfits. My favorite decoration was a series of photos of Nora in her "monthsies" (made by my friend Sarah!).

Of course there were cupcakes! #3 kinds! Nora enjoyed the vanilla on vanilla cupcake. Mommy had the chocolate on chocolate and Daddy was loving the lemon on lemon. Yum!

I loooove cupcakes!

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