Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mommy's Bed

Last week Nora woke up at 3am very upset. Thankfully this isn't something that happens often, but when it does it usually takes some time to comfort Nora and get her back to sleep. So 3am becomes 5am and it's just me and Nora; Jeff is out of town. Nora and I both need some sleep and I do something that so many people say you shouldn't; I bring Nora into our bed.

Honestly, it makes me nervous me to have Nora sleep in our bed. But we were both so tired and no sleep was coming so to Mommy's bed we went. 

After creating what I hoped was a safety zone of pillows around us to prevent falling off the bed, I sat up against the headboard with Nora on my chest and felt my sweet girl relax and go to sleep. I half-dozed a bit, frankly enjoying a snuggle with my babe. Eventually Nora wanted to sleep on the bed so we shared the mattress with me in a "C" around her and my hand on her chest, hoping that would provide some added safety. Nora was fast, fast, fast asleep.

When it was time to rise and shine, Miss Nora was not interested. This is her after my attempt of waking her:

Still out like a light! Although it was helpful to get some rest (for both of us!) and I did enjoy the baby snuggles, I hope that sweet slumbers in her crib continue to be the norm.

Until it is time for Saturday morning cartoons in bed. Can't wait for that!

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