Friday, November 2, 2012

Curtis Orchards in September

Nora is saying, "Oooooo" at the sight of all the pumpkins

Back in September, we took Nora to the pumpkin patch at Curtis Orchards. She had such a great time wandering through the paths and plants, looking at pumpkins and pumpkin blossoms. It was so fun to watch her explore! She liked touching the pumpkins and vines, trying to sit on the pumpkins, and walking along the paths that weaved all through the patch. There were a lot of squeals of delight!

Daddy & Nora

You might remember that we took Nora to Curtis Orchards last year. Look at how tiny she was!

Curtis Orchards 2011
Despite Nora's protests, we were able to take a picture in front of the Yellow Brick Road wall. It's fun to see the difference from year to year. We'll definitely be taking this picture each year as long as we live in Champaign. 

Curtis Orchards 2012

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