Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Care Changes

We have been extremely lucky to have Nora in an at-home day care with one of our neighbors and friends. She has been going there since I went back to work in November 2011 and has really come to love her time with Miss Laura and the kids.

However, our time has come to an end at Miss Laura's house. And although this change has been pretty sad for us, we are thankful that her first year and half in day care was with people who have loved and cared for Nora in such a wonderful way (see how I typed that without crying? Progress!). 

Here is a picture of the day care crew on Nora's last day. 

June 2013

Our new day care is in a center (rather than in a home) and we have gone from part time to full time (part time isn't an option at this particular location). We really like the combination of learning and play and especially love the outside time that she gets. They also offer, without any issue, meals that support our lifestyle (this is not true everywhere).

Drop off is still quite stressful; I hope that what everyone says is true and that it will just take time for that to be an easier time.  It has been an adjustment for both Nora and Mommy, but we have gotten positive reports about her time during the day. So now we be patient and trust that the drop off stress really is fleeting (they say she calms down in just a few minutes) and that Nora will grow and learn and have fun with new friends. 

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