Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Visit!


Great Gam Gam and Aunt Mary Anne drove all the way to Illinois to visit little Nora. It was really a wonderful few days together.

In addition to lots of fun around the house, like reading books, playing with weeble wobbles, and chalking outside, we took a few trips out and about.

One day we ventured to the Bloomington-Normal area to visit their Children's Discovery Museum. Nora had a fantastic time, as is evidenced by this picture:

So happy!

The museum had so many things for Nora to experience. Her favorite part was the water table. She also enjoyed the train table, pizza kitchen and delivery truck, the paint room, the music room, and the cows in the agriculture area. She even gave one of the faux-cows a kiss on the nose. Aunt Mary Anne and Gam Gam got in on the fun, too.

Pizza Delivery with Gam Gam 

On another day we headed to the Children's Prairie Farms, a little park in town where you can visit a variety of farm animals. There are sheep, goats, pigs, horses, ducks, and bunnies. The bunnies were Nora's favorites and she even tried to get them out of their cages. "Bunny out!" she kept proclaiming. Once we were in the area with the bunnies, it was pretty difficult to get her to look at any of the other animals.

There was one particularly special (and huge) bunny for us to visit. Nora couldn't believe how big this bunny was. It was really fun and sweet to see Nora get so excited over all the animals that she got to see. She was calling out to them and was just so genuinely amazed to see them. It was so darn sweet (did I say that already?)!

The Finnish Giant

Bunny out!
After our trip to see the animals, we all went out for some Italian food to celebrate Jeff's and my wedding anniversary. It was a delicious meal with wonderful company. None of us can believe that our exciting trip to Las Vegas was 12 years ago. It was nice to share our memories of that trip.

Anniversary Dinner 6-9-13 
One of Nora's favorite, favorite, favorite things to do is to swing so one night we walked down to our neighborhood park for a little bit of playground fun. Nora enjoyed having each of taking turns pushing her and got a big kick out of Gam Gam and Daddy swinging next to her. What a bunch of kids! :)

Nora says, "Higher swing!"

We were all so happy that Great Gam Gam and Aunt Mary Anne made the trip out. We really do enjoy living in IL, but it is difficult to be far from family. I'm so appreciative of this time that Nora got with Gam Gam and Aunt Mary Anne! And I know she loved it, too. 

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