Monday, February 14, 2011

Picture Show!

Hey everyone! Jeff here with my first post of the blog series and it is a really cool one. Today, Valentine's Day, we had a great appointment and sonogram. We went in to get a test to screen for Downs Syndrome and some other things and it looks like baby is healthy. We are just waiting for the blood work to confirm. So...while they were trying to get little baby to cooperate and move to the right position, we got a great show. For over 10 minutes we watched the baby moving around, almost sucking its thumb, and being stubborn (just like dad). They took several pictures and we have some great shots - including one of its little hand held up to the sonogram, saying hello!

Kristen is doing well, still sleepy and going to be early. I am still enjoying every time she burps! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

a good full view of baby and you can see its hand up near its face.

Time for your close up!

No, please, no more pictures! (that's baby's hand looking straight at the baby)

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  1. So cute! Hopefully this will get to you.
    Kristen, you just look like you ate a big dinner -- you look great!!!! Can't wait to see you. Let's see if this gets to you.