Saturday, October 22, 2011

Raising a Daughter

Raising a child is a momentous responsibility. Raising a daughter has it's own issues that are, at times, overwhelming for me to think about.

I want to raise a daughter who is loving, intelligent, compassionate, joyful, optimistic, passionate, strong, empowered, and kind. I want to raise a daughter who loves who she is. I want Nora to be secure enough to not allow the rest of the world to diminish her worth or her voice.

I came across a couple of articles that I think have the same goal in mind. I hope you enjoy them. And I hope you join me in helping to raise Nora as an amazing human being and woman.


  1. I truely don't think you have anything to worry about. Leading by example, you are a strong, beautiful, confident, intelligent, and self driven woman. Nora will get tiny doses of your stregnth and confidence everyday and it will rub off deeply on her spirit. Not only that but alot of girl's confidence actually comes from their relationship with their Father and you guys have a lot going in that department too. The fact that you care and think about these things now, makes you amazing parents and that alone is enough to create an amazing little girl!
    I love you guys!

  2. I think you are amazing parents and have an amazing little girl! I just can't wait to see her again. Not to worry -- follow your instincts and it will pay off!!!! Proud of you both