Monday, October 31, 2011

Team Nora Expands to Include Daycare Provider

Hey Mommy, where are we going??

We're going to Miss Laura's for your first day of day care.
*insert sniffles from Mommy here*

While you are there, you'll get to play with Lily and Evan! And some other kids, too. And Mr. Eric will be by, too.

Daddy thinks you are going to have so much fun!

And she did! Nora had a great day at Miss Laura's. I knew she would because Laura is wonderful. We are very lucky that Nora has her to be part of "Team Nora."

I held it together until I got back into the car. I was surprised by how sad I was to leave Nora for the day. I have loved, loved, loved being able to spend all of these weeks with her. I mean, she is the greatest little girl on Earth, right? Who wouldn't want to spend every day with her smiles and coos and big eyes?

Although going back to work is a good decision for me and for us as a family, I miss her like crazy when I'm not with her. I don't go back to work full time until next week, but part of me is glad that we decided to get started with day care this week because I would have been a hot mess at work had I gone in this morning. Instead, I took the morning to run errands, all the while feeling like something was missing. And of course many things were missing; I had no stroller, car seat, baby bag, or sling. Or baby girl. It was an efficient and somewhat lonely morning, held together by a chai latte and a few texts from Laura with updates on Nora.

Wednesday will be day two. Everyone says it'll get easier. I know it will, but I hope Tuesday is a nice, long day.

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