Sunday, June 19, 2011


We hit the 30 week mark this week. Only 10 more to go! Can you believe it?!? Here are some stats for you to enjoy:

Pounds gained: 23
Cravings: These have really settled down. I am pretty into lemonade and limeade though. Sadly, these drinks also give me wicked heart burn. *womp womp*
Movements: I'm experiencing a lot more rolls and general moving around and less jab-like action. It's also pretty clear by looking at and touching my belly where Baby Girl BH has situated herself. These days she spends much of her time on the right side.
Sleep: This is starting to change a little bit. I'm waking up much more now and it takes some time to get settled and comfortable when going to bed.
What I miss: I haven't really felt a tug toward things that are no longer in my diet, however Jeff did bring home some Summer Ciders last week. Do they look refreshing!
Overall feelings: I am still doing pretty well with the energy level, however my belly and back are starting to feel a little tired and sore from time-to-time. HOWEVER, you can see from below, I haven't lost my sense of fun. :)

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