Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Visits - Part 2

Over the weekend we had the chance to hang with my Daddy-O. He got to see the sprawling corn fields and check out our digs.

As it was his first visit to Cham-bana, we gave him the grand tour of town and introduced him to a couple of the local hot-spots, such as Jarling's Custard Cup and Papa Del's Pizza. He also got to join us for our Saturday morning tradition of going to the Urbana Farmer's Market.

We also headed to Normal, IL for a CornBelters baseball game. Yup, the CornBelters. You can check out their mascot, CornySaurus (seriously, a dinosaur looking thing with corn silk hair), by going to It was a nice way to spend a Saturday night, especially with the gorgeous weather and great seats.

It's really fun for us to have our family's visit for many reasons, but certainly a big one is so they can see what our lives are like out here in Illinois.

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