Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beginning to Nest?

It's June! June, people! The baby is due in just 11 weeks. In reality, that isn't that far away. And we have plenty to do during that time. This weekend we started making progress on our very large list. :) A few things we've done...
  • The crib is almost finished! It's all stained and sanded and the final coat of poly is going on tonight. It'll be assembled by Thursday night.
  • A book case has been assembled for Baby BH's toys, books, pics.
  • Clothes and baby items are being organized, hung, put away, etc.

We also want to get some other things cleaned up around the house so we are as organized in life as possible before Baby BH's arrival. On that front...
  • Our pantry has been cleaned and re-organized. This will help us to make some room in a cabinet for baby items.
  • We recently had some cabinetry/shelving installed in our laundry room (there was nothing in there to put anything in/on, which is not very convenient). That is all set up now. We just need some little cafe curtains to hide some things.
  • The coat closet. Yeeaahh...it's organized and cleaned up but still pretty full.
More projects will be in the works! It's pretty exciting work to be doing. Having a baby sure is a great motivator, huh?

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  1. Getting organized -- a good sign!!!! You'll have room for more things!!!!