Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Visits - Part 1

Last weekend my mom came to visit. We had a great time doing fun things to get ready for Baby Girl BH. If you know my mom, then you know we did some shopping. Quality mother-daughter time, right? :) It was so fun to be shopping for baby. From baby wraps to cloth diapers to books, we had a great time getting some of the necessities (yes, books are necessities!).

We also spent some time organizing the baby's room. That was really a lot of fun. Jeff had put together a new bookcase so he spent time organizing the toys and books on that while mom and I snipped tags off of clothes and organized them by size and type. We also spent some of that time gushing over how cute little baby clothes are.

It's so fun to start sharing these moments with our family. We have more family time coming up, so expect some more family fun posts!

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