Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birth Day!

Born: August 3, 2011
4lbs, 10oz

Our sweet Nora is here! She came via Plan C...

Plan A was to have Nora on or near her due date, August 24. At our 9 month sonogram we learned that she had fallen into the ninth percentile for size. Being below the tenth percentile is a concern. Our doctor said she felt it would be best to deliver the baby as soon as I hit full term, which is 37 weeks and was just 5 days away. Holy cow! In 5 days! We were working under Plan A and still had some things to do. We hadn't put the car seat in the car yet. We still had our newborn class to attend. We still needed to grocery shop so we could cook and freeze meals. And, and, and! So Jeff and I buckled down and squeezed in 3 weeks of plans into 4 days. Phew!

Plan B was now in effect: go into the hospital on Tuesday night to get the cervidil inserted then get the pitocin started first thing on Wednesday morning. It turned out that labor and delivery was so full that we couldn't get in on Tuesday night. This wasn't nerve-wracking at all! :) When we called Wednesday morning, the initial response from the hospital was, "We'll call you when we can fit you in." What the what?? Thankfully, we got a call 5 minutes later that gave us the go ahead.

When we arrived, we got settled in and saw our doctor. After a really uncomfortable effort to get my cervix opened a bit (don't worry, I won't go into it here), we went right for the pitocin. As the contractions began to show up on the monitor we also saw that Nora was having "decelerations" after each one. I wasn't feeling the contractions at this point. We stopped the pitocin to see if she'd get back to a normal heart rate. Her heart rate did go back to normal so we started the pitocin again. The decelerations began immediately. Pitocin was stopped and we went to Plan C...


Once this decision was made, things moved fast! Jeff got dressed in scrubs, I was prepped, and off to the operating room we went. It was all very sci-fi looking with the machines and lights and tiny operating table. After a quick spinal, I was put into position and thus began the birth of Nora. With Jeff by my side supporting and loving me, Nora joined us with a wail! What a wonderful moment in our lives. We will never forget it.

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