Friday, April 13, 2012

8 months old (a little late)

8 months old! Every month I can't get over the fact that Nora is one month older. I'm sure this will never change.

8 months old and Nora...
  • is rolling a lot, using that as her major mode of transportation
  • loves to stand, although she can't quite do that on her own yet
  • still enjoys her exer-saucer/jumper (a great way for her to stand, giving mommy and daddy a little break)
  • puts everything in her mouth (mommy doesn't wear much jewelry anymore)
  • is learning to wave, clap, and high five (inconsistent at this point but so cute!)
  • still "talks" up a storm
  • giggles up a storm
  • is quite the wiggle warm (you should have seen me trying to get an 8 month picture - hilarious)
  • shakes her head as if saying "no" but grins while doing it
  • has learned to whine
Now that the weather is nicer, we've been taking more walks to enjoy the sun and warmth. We also go to Baby Lap Time at the library whenever it fits into Nora's napping schedule. It is so much fun! We sing, dance, and read stories. Nora loves it all and loves seeing all the other babies. She grins from ear to ear when we go.

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