Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Time

We recently had the opportunity for Nora to spend time with family.

At the end of March, Jeff and I both had work trips at the same time. I've been dreading this happening since we got pregnant. Mom came out and spent the weekend with Nora while we were away. Although she did wake up really early one day, Nora was pretty good for Mom (phew!).

In April, we headed to Baltimore for Passover. We did not do the best job taking pictures - it was a busy weekend with a lot of visitors. We dig get a couple pictures of Nora with her cousins though. They were both so sweet with Nora! A couple of my favorite memories are when Nora gave Jake the "side eye" when we were driving home after the second night of Passover. We were cracking up over it. Another one was Mckenna reading Nora a story when she woke up on Saturday morning. It's very sweet to see kids together.

Nora & Jake
Reading with Mckenna

We also spent time with Nora's Grandpa Sheldon, Pop-pop Saul, Grandma Linda, Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Bill, and the Dalnekoff clan (20+ of them!).  Linda's friends Arlene, Suzanne and Carol, Paul (Suzanne's husband), and my friend Hope also come over to see our little sweet cheeks. I told you it was busy! 

Thanks to everyone for spending time with our little one!

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