Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finger Foods

Nora has taken to eating very well, which really was to be expected given that she has us as her parents. :) The only thing she hasn't been too keen on is avocado. I ate A LOT of avocado when I was pregnant, so perhaps she has just had enough of it for now. The only thing I haven't been too keen on is asparagus. "Asparagus pee" and cloth diapers are not a pleasant combination. Peee-yoouuuu!! Stinky.

Lately we have been moving onto to finger foods. Miss Laura, Nora's day care provider has given her some mum-mums, which she has really enjoyed. They have also helped Nora learn how to get food from her hand to her mouth. Initially she was just mashing the food between her fingers and rubbing it around her highchair tray. We don't mind that though. We let Nora play a bit with her food.

Peaches and cereal, yum!

Anyways...back to finger foods! Nora gets mum-mums from us at times, too. We've also tried pancakes, toast, and banana with success. The banana is a little tricky because it is so darn slippery! I tried dusting the pieces with some rice cereal but it didn't really make much difference. She sure is cute trying to eat it though!

Enjoying come bananas

One other little food update: Nora has taken to wanting to feed herself. As we near the end of the meal, I do let her help and have, at times, given her her own spoon and we (sort of) take turns (sort of) feeding her. Unfortunately, Nora having a spoon (to throw) has lead us to losing a couple (three). Pearl scooped them up and started chewing before I could run interference. Ah, well. I'm sure it won't be the last thing that gets chewed by one of the dogs!

Here is our little sweetie enjoying breakfast earlier this week.
I do it myself!

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