Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby Face

On Friday Jeff and I went in for another targeted ultrasound followed by a check up with our nurse practitioner. Baby Girl BH is doing great! Her growth is in the healthy/normal range, which is always so comforting to hear. During the session, the tech was able to capture a picture of our little girl's face straight on. This is a first for us! We saw her yawning, which was absolutely adorable. We recognize that ultrasound pics are a little creepy, but we were still excited to get the one posted here. Can you make out her face?

The tech also told us she has some hair on her little head. She also pointed out which body parts were where, giving me more of an idea of what bits of her I can feel by touching my belly. Right now she is head down. Let's hope that is a position she likes for August!

Our check up went well, too. These appointments have all been good, thanks to a great nurse practitioner (who is hilarious) and a really wonderful and personable doctor. Here are some stats at what was the 32w2d mark...

Pounds gained: 25 pounds
Cravings: still with the potatoes of any kind. I think I have a problem! A tasty, tasty problem.
Movements: I've been getting more action in my side than before. Sometimes it feels like it is a pair of feet pushing out. I do love the movements, no matter what they are.
Symptoms: Heart burn is still present, but I'm just going to go ahead and expect that to be part of life until after the baby.
Sleep: Meh. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's interrupted with frequent bathroom trips and adjustments in position. I've also caught myself snoring a couple times (and I'm sure Jeff has, too). I hope *that* goes away after the baby.
Overall feeling: Still feeling very good! Trying to keep active and not let the lazy bone keep me lounging around. The heat is my current nemesis. Too much and I am one wiped out lady!

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