Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Childbirth Classes 1-3

Jeff and I have been to 3 of our 4 child birth classes so far. And although we had heard some grumblings from people about the usefulness of the classes, we have gotten some good information by attending them.

Our leader is Paula, and she is a hoot! You can definitely tell she not only enjoys what she does, she is a good fit for it. Jeff and I get a kick out of her teaching style and the cadence she uses when she's talking.

Since it is a child birthing class, we've focused on managing the labor and delivery experience. We've learned (and practiced) breathing techniques and experimented with different laboring positions. Some of this is a little awkward to do in public, admittedly. Well, awkward for me. Paula is a champ at deep breathing, "hee hee" and "choo choo" breaths, and moaning (she really likes the moaning). Even though it's a little uncomfortable, we do think it's good practice. I suppose we'll know for sure once I'm in labor.

We've also gone over the different ways the coach (that's Jeff!) can help the mama-to-be (yours truly) get comfortable, conserve energy, and feel supported. Massage is one of the techniques. I think Jeff should practice this now! :) Then there are the medical interventions, such as pain killers and epidurals. A lot of information there!

And what child birthing class would be complete without actual birthing videos? We've seen both a vaginal and a cesarean birth. These were firsts for Jeff and he really did great with them. Much better than people in my health class when I was in school. Ha!

Next week we tour labor and delivery. I'm eager to see where Baby Girl BH will be born!

Other future classes include a Daddy's only class for Jeff and a newborn care and breastfeeding class we'll both attend. I hope we get straight A's!

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