Friday, July 29, 2011

More Showers

This is my surprise face. This is how I look when my co-workers throw me a surprise baby shower. How nice are they?? And sneaky. :)

My book club also had a shower for Baby Girl BH as did our neighbors, who are affectionately called "The Reservists" (we live in a neighborhood called The Reserve").

Some highlights from the showers:

Work: We had a beautiful cake that was created as a jack-in-the box with a giraffe popping out. We were also given one of the gifts we were most excited to get, which is the space themed play mat.

Book Club: Can you guess the theme? Books! We got loads and loads of beautiful books that we have been reading to Baby Girl BH each night. It's become a nice way to end our day.

The Reservists: Tater tots (my pregnancy craving) and vegan cupcakes. Oh yea, it was good eats! I was also the winner of our baby bottle drinking bracket.

We are so touched by the generosity of our friends. We are lucky that Baby Girl BH will be surrounded by so many people who care about us and who will care about her, too.

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